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Accrobaobab Adventure

Accrobaobab adventure is the only park in the world solely built on baobabs. Fun activities for children and adults, team building.
This park welcomes you regardless of your age, from 2 to 77 years old, into a safe and memorable world of discovery.

For thrill seekers in search of a safe environment, Accrobaobab welcomes you to its unique and mystical site as you see yourself, for a few hours, growing wings and defying the law of gravity.

Located in the heart of a baobab forest, Accrobaobab Adventure offers a park for tree climbing, outdoor recreation, and courtesy house. The area, with a capacity of 300 persons per day, can accommodate you with a flexible time table (from1 hour to 1 day).

It is open to tourists in groups (tour guides, hotels), groups and incentives (specialized agencies, companies), individuals and independent residents, including schools, clubs…

65 Km south of Dakar and 15 km from the seaside resort of Saly Portudal, the Park is easily accessible to all types of vehicle. To get there, take the National 1: the express road right in front of Bandia reserve, 5 km after Sindia.

Accrobaobab was built by professional acrobatic workers: the French company. Accès Difficiles Services.